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Blushed By Naomie Body Scrubs

Our body scrubs aim to revitalize your skin from head to toe! 

Coffee Please:

Dive in, skin first, into this all natural blend of coffee, cinnamon, and a touch of honey sugar scrub! Perfect for boosting skin elasticity and collagen while polishing away dead skin cells!

The Lavender Bundle:

 Make it a combo please! After a long warm bath exfoliating the dead skin and stress the day, replenish your skin with the luxurious Blushed By Naomie Body Butter! Creamy, supple, and hydrating! 

Lavender Please:

The lavender bulbs and essential oils our natural homemade sugar scrub helps calm your body, easing stress level, and enhancing your sleep. Perfect for your night time routine! 

The Coffee Bundle:

Say goodbye to tired, dull, and dry skin! With this bundle you are guaranteed to have visibly smooth skin with in one use! Perfect for a pick me up in the mornings! 

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